Laura Santamaria

Project Lead

Dr Laura Santamaria is Lecturer at LU London Institute for Design Innovation and director of the Design and Culture program. She champions grassroots innovation approaches and knowledge transfer with a focus on place-based impact, developing projects with local stakeholders in our community. She is co-founder of pioneering lifestyle magazine, Sublime and chair of the Fair Energy Campaign.

Ksenija Kuzmina


Dr Ksenija Kuzmina is also a Lecturer within the Institute for Design Innovation and leads the MSc Design Innovation programme at Loughborough University London. Her expertise is in service design for social change, with a wide range of work in the contexts of sustainability and education. She is an Associate Editor for She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation. Her recent publications can be found here.

Sina Marleen Petersen

Research Assistant

Sina Marleen Petersen is a business designer and researcher. She has graduated with an MSc in Entrepreneurial Design Management from Loughborough University London exploring approaches for creative leadership in community settings. With a special interest in social innovation, cultural sustainability and creative empowerment she has run empowerment initiatives f to activate change through design or student entrepreneurs at La Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano and the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship.